Quiz: Anger

Anger Check List

Answer “Yes” or “No” to each of the questions below.

People tell me that I need to calm down.

I feel tense much of the time.

At work, I hardly ever say what is on my mind.

When I am upset, I try to block out the world by watching TV, reading, or going to sleep.

I am drinking or using drugs almost daily to help me calm down.

I have trouble getting to sleep.

I feel misunderstood or not listened to much of the time.

People ask me not to yell or curse so much.

My loved ones keep saying that I’m hurting them.

My friends don’t ask me for help very much.


Count how many times you answered “Yes” to the questions above.

0-2 = Manageable – you have stress well under hand but could likely still benefit from relaxation training.

3-5 = Moderate – you need to learn more about what stresses you, and learn stress management techniques.

6+ = Out of Control – you have an anger problem that could benefit from learning anger management techniques.

Check out our Tips for Anger Management.

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