Family Plus at a glance

Family Plus at a glance


  • Family Plus has served the Greater Saint John area for 90 years
  • Family Plus is one of the founding members of United Way
  • Family Plus provides services to over 3,000 individuals a year
  • Family Plus provides over 4,500 counselling hours,  over 25,000 “home & community” hours and over 500 hours of group Education & Training each year
  • Family Plus supports 10 programs & over 50 staff & associates
  • Family Plus stats show 60% of all counselling cases are Family related
  • Family Plus is a member agency of  both FS Atlantic and FS Canada


  • The greater Saint John Community from Sussex to St. Stephen
  • People struggling with all Life situations: stress, anxiety, grief, sexual abuse, depression, separation…to name a few.
  • Couples and children working on relationships or conflict
  • Children and adults with learning challenges and/or special needs
  • Families needing support in times of transition
  • Employers and employees striving for a better work life


17 Master Level Counsellors
2 Licensed Psychologists
4 Psychiatrists – Children – Adult
25 Family Support Workers
8 Program Managers and Administrative support
9 Group Facilitators


In 2018 our United Way dollars subsidized approximately 1200 hours of therapeutic services.  This enabled us to impact the lives of over 900 people regardless of their inability to pay!


  1. Counselling- individuals/couples/child/teen/senior/family
  2. Life Solutions@Work (Employee Family Assistance Programs) providing counselling & support to over 4000 employees
  3. A.S.S.I.S.T. (A Service of Support, Integration & Skill Training) The goal is to maximize the client’s potential while facilitating their integration and improving their quality of life.
  4. Groups: separate groups for Men & Women; Teen self esteem; Parenting
  5. Psychological services – educational testing – provides screening, treatment recommendations & support services to children & adults experiencing learning and/or behavioral challenges. 
  6. Family Solutions@Home an in-home program to support parents to move towards creating a healthier and more effective home environment for them and their children. 
  7. HOPE (Healing & Overcoming Through Personal Empowerment) provides support to families who have experienced sexual abuse
  8. Psychiatric assessments and Interpersonal Group treatment in partnership with our collaborative clinical team
  9. Community – Family Plus works in partnership with other organizations offering educational and support programming, ie TRC, FRC, KV Oasis
  10. Training and Education – Respectful Workplace, Conflict & Communication

Our Vision is confident individuals, strong families and healthy communities.

Family Plus provides professional Counselling, Education and Advocacy for individuals and families in Greater Saint John. 

Family Plus/Life Solutions has been serving the Saint John area since 1929. The Agency is a private, not-for-profit organization helping men, women, children and families manage the challenges of today’s living conditions.